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Physical Therapy Clinic - The clinic is a not-for-profit physical therapy service providing physical therapy for the University  and surrounding communities.  The clinic is located in Round Rock, Willow Hall, room 33.  


Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic - The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic of Texas State University is the professional clinical facility of the Communication Disorders Program. All staff are nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed by the State of Texas. The Speech Language Hearing Clinic has 2 locations.  One is in San Marcos, Encino Hall, room 101 and the other is in Round Rock, Willow Hall, room 110.

Texas State Sleep Center - Within the Department of Respiratory Care at Texas State, a four-bed, four-bathroom sleep lab is operated as a clinic to provide a unique quality education for Respiratory Care and Polysomnographic students. The mission of the Sleep Center is primarily education and research through diagnostic services for the rural areas. The Sleep Center is located in Round Rock, Willow Hall, room 22.