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CHP Training Program

Guiding Faculty in Health Professions to Research Career Development, Interdisciplinary Research, and Grantsmanship


The College of Health Professions (CHP) at Texas State University is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural research training program, "Guiding Faculty in Health Professions for Research Career Development, Interdisciplinary Research, and Grantsmanship." This comprehensive initiative is tailored to empower junior faculty members within health professions disciplines, equipping them with the tools and expertise necessary to excel in research, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and enhance their grantsmanship skills. Through this program, participants will gain knowledge and skills to thrive as researchers and emerge as collaborative leaders in the dynamic field of health professions research.


1. Enhance Research Career Development: Provide faculty members in health professions with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to advance their research careers and become successful independent investigators.
 2. Foster Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary research partnerships among faculty members across different health professions disciplines, fostering innovation and addressing complex healthcare challenges.
3. Build Capacity in Grantsmanship: Equip faculty members with the essential competencies and strategies required to effectively navigate the grantsmanship process, including grant writing, proposal development, budgeting, and submission.

Intended Outcomes

1. Increased Research Productivity: Faculty participants will learn how to demonstrate enhanced research productivity, including an increased number of research projects, and successful grant applications.

2. Enhanced Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Faculty members will learn how to establish new interdisciplinary research collaborations, leading to the development of innovative research projects and the pursuit of funding opportunities across multiple health professions disciplines.

3. Improved Grant Success Rates: Participants will experience an improvement in grant success rates, with an increased number of successful grant applications funded by federal agencies, private foundations, and other funding sources.

4. Career Advancement: Faculty members will achieve career advancement milestones, including tenure and promotion, based on their enhanced research accomplishments, interdisciplinary collaborations, and successful grant acquisitions.

5. Institutional Impact: The program will contribute to the institutional research infrastructure and capacity-building efforts, positioning the institution as a leader in health professions research and fostering a culture of research excellence and innovation.

6. Translational Impact: Research outcomes and discoveries resulting from faculty participation in the program will translate into tangible benefits for patient care, healthcare delivery, and community health outcomes, addressing critical needs within the healthcare system.