Physical Therapy Clinic

The Texas State Physical Therapy Clinic is a teaching facility where doctoral (DPT) students treat patients of all ages under the supervision of experienced faculty members, licensed in the state of Texas. The clinic offers state of the art equipment and evidence-supported intervention in the areas of concussion, fall prevention and balance, health and wellness, neurological conditions, pediatrics, orthopaedics/sports medicine, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision: To meet the health needs of society by providing a collaborative model for education, a launching point for emerging clinicians, and to be leaders in translational clinical research.

Goal: To provide quality, evidence-supported, wellness-based health care for individuals with neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Your Support Makes a Difference

The TXST Physical Therapy Clinics provide much needed services for clients of Central Texas of all ages and physical impairments. Many of our clients have either exhausted their rehabilitation benefits or reached a plateau in their recovery. The DPT students provide an enthusiastic fresh approach to each session transitioning classroom knowledge into hands-on intervention. The smallest of gift helps with the operation of our clinics and provides services and equipment otherwise not obtainable for our clients.

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