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Faculty and Department Chairs

Program of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)

Dr. Rodney E. Rohde, Program Chair, Professor
Ms. Joanna Ellis, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Adeyemi Olanrewaju, Assistant Professor
Ms. Autumn Vela, Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Communication Disorders (CDIS)

Ms. Lori Stiritz, Interim Department Chair, Clinical Assistant Professor & Audiologist
Ms. Jessica Bowers, Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinic Co-Director
TBD, Clinical Lecturer & Audiologist
Dr. Maria Diana Gonzales, Professor
Ms. Brittney Hammer, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Farzan Irani, Professor
Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Stacey Lesieur, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Ranjini Mohan, Assistant Professor
Ms. Cecilia Perez, Clinical Lecturer & Clinical Supervisor
Dr. Pradeep Ramanathan, Associate Professor
Dr. Maria Resendiz, Associate Professor
Dr. Amy Louise Schwarz, Associate Professor
Mr. Jason Tipps, Clinical Lecturer
Ms. Renee Wendel, Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinic Co-Director
Dr. Jie Yang, Assistant Professor

School of Health Administration (HA)

TBD, Director
Dr. Brad Beauvais, Associate Professor
Dr. Jose Betancourt, Associate Professor, BHA Program Director
Ms. Lisa Brooks, Lecturer
Dr. Lloyd Greene, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Kimberly Lee, Lecturer
Dr. Cristian Lieneck, Associate Professor
Mr. Todd Mackenzie, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Michael Mileski, Associate Professor/LTCA Program Director
Dr. Michael Nowicki, Professor
Dr. Jerry Pacheco, Assistant Professor
Dr. Rohit Pradhan, Associate Professor
Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, Associate Professor, MHA Program Director
Dr. Oren Renick, Professor
Dr. Keya Sen, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ram Shanmugam, Professor
Dr. Joseph Topinka, Associate Professor of Practice

Department of Health Informatics & Information Management (HIIM)

Dr. David Gibbs, Department Chair, Associate Professor
Ms. Sylvia Alcala, Lecturer
Ms. Sylvia Benitez, Lecturer
Dr. Diane Dolezel, Associate Professor
Ms. Cathy Hess, Lecturer
Dr. Barbara Hewitt, Associate Professor
Ms. Deborah Howard, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Elise Lambert, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Marisol Laxton, Lecturer
Ms. Jackie Moczygemba, Associate Professor
Dr. Danette Myers, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Jennifer Teal, Lecturer
Ms. Melissa Walston-Sanchez, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Tiankai Wang, Professor

St. David's School of Nursing (NURS)

Dr. Theresa Garcia, Interim Director, Associate Professor
Dr. Kimberly Belcik, Clinical Associate Professor
Ms. Crystal Brewer, Clinical Lecturer
Ms. Amanda Burke, Assistant Professor
Dr. Barbara Covington, Associate Professor
Dr. Stacey Cropley, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mr. Ryan Douglas, Lab Manager
Ms. Mary Margaret Finney, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Michelle Galles, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Theresa Garcia, Associate Professor
Dr. Monica J. Hughes, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Regina Jillapalli, Assistant Professor
Ms. Ariel Kinder, Clinical Lecturer
Mrs. Rachel Leavitt, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Julie Lindsay, Assistant Professor
Dr. Amber Littlefield, Associate Professor
Mr. Mark Livsey, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Amelia Manning, Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher McClanahan, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Cathy Messinger, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Tracey L. Page, Clinical Associate Professor
Mrs. Andrea J. Paladino, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Gloria Park, Assistant Professor
Dr. Stephanie Patel, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mr. Stephen Robertson, Simulation Lab Info Specialist
Ms. Kim Rosenbaum, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Kathryn Smith, Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director
Dr. Virginia Tufano, Assistant Professor
Ms. Lenora Valdez, Clinical Assistant Professor and Standardized Patient Coordinator
Ms. Amanda Wagner, Clinical Lecturer
Ms. Ashley Walters-Snider, Clinical Associate Professor
Mrs. Brandy Wells, Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy (PT)

Dr. Janet Bezner, Department Chair, Professor
Dr. Debbie Baylor, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Gwen Cariker, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Jacob Garza, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Karen Gibbs, Professor
Dr. Denise Gobert, Professor
Dr. Shannon Herrin, Assistant Professor
Dr. Mark Lester, Associate Professor
Dr. James Lorenz, Lecturer
Dr. Debra McDowell, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Suzanna Okere, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Leeda Rasoulian, Clinical Lecturer
Dr. Angela Rich, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinic Director
Dr. Damian Rodriguez, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Jessica Silveira, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ahyoung Song, Assistant Professor
Dr. Steve Spivey, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Lois Stickley, Associate Professor
Dr. Shannon Williams, Clinical Lecturer

Program of Radiation Therapy (RTT)

Dr. Megan Trad, Program Chair, Professor
Mr. Jacob Buatti, Per Course Lecturer
Ms. Ashley Cunningham, Per Course Lecturer
Ms. Fallon Cunningham, Per Course Lecturer
Ms. Trina Dillard, Clinical Lecturer
Ms. Kristen Duke, Per Course Lecturer
Ms. Katherine Sawyer, Assistant Professor
Ms. Jessica Smith, Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Respiratory Care (RC)

Dr. Gregg Marshall, Department Chair, Professor
Dr. Arzu Ari, Professor
Dr. Kevin Collins, Associate Professor
Dr. Josh Gonzales, Associate Professor
Dr. Lynda Harkins, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Nick Henry, Associate Professor
Ms. Abbey Hudgins, Assistant Professor
Mr. Jayesh John, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Peter Petroff, Clinical Professor
Dr. Nathan Rodrigues, Assistant Professor
Dr. Chris Russian, Professor