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04.06.01 College Website

College Website

College of Health Professions

Policy and Procedure Statement 04.06.01

Effective Date: 08/04/99

Revised: 10/2022

Review Cycle: Every 3 Years

Reviewer: Associate Dean, College of Health Professions


01.01             The College website provides access to information about the College of Health Professions and all related units and an opportunity to disseminate and extend knowledge. As a general principle the website should offer the same freedoms and the same restrictions that apply in the non-web environment. Academic freedom exists on the web just as in the classroom, and established university policies regarding hate speech and other restrictions also apply on the web. Activity on the web should comply with existing university and College values, policies and procedures. This CHP/PPS is in accordance with UPPS 04.01.06 University Websites.

01.02             The Division of Information Technology at Texas State has implemented a content management system to assist the campus in meeting University objectives for web sites:

a.         Ease the web maintenance effort, especially for non-technical web authors

b.        Implement best practices and standards for web sites for look and feel, navigation, accessibility, accuracy and consistency

c.         Provide actionable metrics for development and decision making

d.        Communicate a Texas State identity and relationship

01.03             Gato is the web content management system that enables users to quickly and easily create, manage and maintain sophisticated web sites without having to know complex web technologies or programming languages.


02.01             The College and all units within the college will participate in the University web system.

02.02             All units in the College will conform to the University template design. Each academic unit will use the standard template identified by the University to provide information customized for the specific mission of the unit.

02.03             The College designates a College Coordinator for the web site.

02.04             Each unit will identify a coordinator for that unit. The Unit Coordinator will work with the College Coordinator to ensure a well maintained and problem free web site.


            03.01             The College Coordinator is responsible for:

a.         The oversight of the College of Health professions' web pages

b.        Provision of training and assistance in site implementation

c.         Communication with the IT/GATO administrators

d.        Assistance and training for the unit coordinators

            03.02             The Unit Coordinator is responsible for:

a.         The oversight of the unit web pages

b.        Timely and responsible update of information of the web pages

c.         Communication with the college coordinator or the GATO team to resolve problems


04.01             All web pages must comply with the Texas State University Systems policies, Texas laws and Federal laws. The following are cited:

a.         Title 17 U.S. Code contains the federal copyright law which applies to materials published or circulated through the use of computing resources.

b.        The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act restrict access to personally identifiable information from students' education records.

c.         Faculty and staff are responsible for understanding and observing these and all other applicable policies, regulations and laws in connection with their use of the university's Information technology.


05.01             This CHP/PPS has been approved by the following individuals in his/her official capacity and represents College policy and procedures from the date of this document until superseded.

                        Reviewer: Associate Dean, College of Health Professions

                        Approved: Dean, College of Health Professions.