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04.01.40 Faculty Workload

Faculty Workload

College of Health Professions

Policy and Procedure Statement 04.01.40

Effective Date: 09/01/2012

Revised: September 2023

Review Cycle: Every 2 years

Sr. Reviewer: Dean, College of Health Professions


01.01             Each academic unit is responsible for the development of an academic unit policy on faculty workload. The academic unit workload policy shall be compatible with AA/PPS 04.01.40 and 04.01.41, and HPPS 7.01. The academic unit leader is responsible for the fair and equitable determination of faculty workloads. Priority shall be given to the academic unit needs when determining workloads.

01.02             AA/PPS 04.01.40 and 04.01.41 will be followed as provided. The following guidelines are used for assignment and adjustment of workload credits.


02.01             The purpose of this PPS is to establish the College of Health Professions policies and procedures which interpret the Academic Affairs AA/PPS 04.01.40 and 04.01.41.


03.01             The academic unit leader will determine the faculty member's professional responsibilities for each semester and is responsible for assuring that individual faculty members' workloads complies with AA/PPS 04.01.40 and 04.01.41, and HPPS 7.01. Academic unit leaders are also responsible for assuring that faculty assignments are fair and equitable distributed among faculty. In meeting this responsibility academic unit leaders should attempt to match the specific needs of the department/program, the College and the University with the individual professional goals of each faculty member.


04.01             Workload assignments include workload for instruction, scholarly/creative activity and activity/service positions. Workload adjustments include activities for which there is a need for temporary recognition of instruction, scholarly/creative activities and professional activities or service.


05.01             Lecture courses – workload will be assigned based on credit hours of the lecture.

05.02             Laboratory courses – workload for laboratory courses will be calculated based on the framework provided in AA/PPS 04.01.40 and 04.01.41.

05.03             Each academic unit has a table of established workload amounts and formula which should be reviewed regularly to determine if workload is applied appropriately.

05.04             Individual instruction – individual instruction includes clinical courses, independent studies, and problem courses. Individual instruction workload is based on course enrollment. Workload should range between .34 - 1.0.


06.01             Team Teaching – Faculty members who team teach organized classes will proportionally share the workload credits computed for that class in accordance with the distribution of responsibilities. In exceptional cases involving substantial time and effort the chair may grant up to three workload credits per semester to each participant.

06.02             Large Class Enrollment – The academic unit leader may grant an additional workload up to 1.5 times the credit hours if a faculty member is assigned to teach large undergraduate class of over 100 or a graduate or an on-line course of over 40.

06.03             Instructional Adjustment – The academic unit leader may grant additional workload credit each semester in recognition of the preparation and management of a section of a course when sufficient assistance is not available, e.g. the absence of graduate or undergraduate instructional assistants or for writing intensity.

06.04             Study Abroad – Faculty members that plan and conduct a study-abroad during a fall/spring semester may receive workload credit commiserate with the credit-hours associated with the course. One faculty member is authorized per 10 students in the course. Any study-abroad conducted during the summer semester will receive a stipend and be compensated on a formula-based method depending on the number students.


07.01             Summer employment is neither required of nor guaranteed for faculty on nine-month contracts. Summer assignments are independent of the academic year workload for a nine­ month contract faculty member. Thus, a faculty member who assumes additional teaching or administrative activities is compensated by an agreed-upon amount.

07.02             Within the context of the summer budget, teaching loads during the summer term are based on university and departmental needs, student demand, and faculty interest and qualifications. Chairs, directors, and deans are responsible for developing and monitoring the schedule of classes to ensure effective stewardship of the summer budget (i.e., class size, number of class sections, degree plans, etc.).

07.03             Within the context of the summer budget, administrative and service assignments for nine­ month faculty during the summer term are based on the consideration of university and departmental needs, scope of duties, time and effort, and goals and expectations of the administrative role. Chairs, directors, and deans are responsible for developing and monitoring administrative and service workload to ensure stewardship of the summer budget and the delivery of essential services and support for the mission and programs of the university, college, department, and school. These assignments are compensated via FTE percentage time or stipend. Faculty on administrative and service assignments during the summer are not eligible for teaching overloads or other assignments that result in compensation above 100 percent.


08.01             Chair Assignment – Workload credit of 6.0 will be granted for chairing an academic unit on the basis outlined in AA/PPS 01.02.03.

08.02             Program Director/Program Chair Assignment – Workload credit (3.0-6.0) may be granted for a faculty member who directs a program, center, clinic, or similar unit.

08.03             Clinical/Internship/Externship Field Coordinator – Workload credit of up to 6.0 may be assigned for faculty who serve as coordinators for clinical education, internships or externships. Workload credit may be shared between faculty based on academic unit policies.

08.04             Lab Coordinator – Workload credit of up to 3.0 may be assigned for faculty who serve as coordinator of multiple sections of laboratory courses.

08.05             Academic Activity Adjustment – Workload credit may be granted to a faculty member for preparing major documents in the fulfillment of program needs or accreditation requirements. Workload credit may also be granted for duties performed in the best interest of the institution's instructional programs as determined by the Provost.

08.06             Administrative Activity Adjustment – Workload credit may be granted for a faculty member who chairs certain committees, task forces, the Faculty Senate, or who performs other significant administrative activities.

08.07             Workload credit may be granted for major academic advising responsibilities.

08.08             Developmental Leave Adjustment – Up to twelve workload credits per semester may be assigned to a faculty member who is awarded a Faculty Developmental Leave by the Board of Regents.

08.09             Professional Activity Adjustment – Workload credit may be granted for professional activities such as editing a professional journal or serving as an officer in a professional organization.

08.10             Research/Grant Activity Adjustment – Workload credit may be granted to a faculty member who is participating in major research or grant related activities.

08.11             Research Buy Out Adjustment – Workload credit will be granted to a faculty member who has secured external funding to pay for a portion of his/her salary and thus "buy out" time.

08.12             Graduate Mentoring Adjustment – Workload credit may be granted to faculty participating in graduate research mentoring, such as multiple theses, dissertations, or projects, and who is not the instructor of record.

08.13             Emergency/Work life Workload Adjustment – Teaching loads may fluctuate because of illness, sudden emergencies, care of a newborn child or an adopted or foster child younger than five, or other family member in need of such care, and other unanticipated needs, which may require a faculty member to request a lighter load. All temporary exceptions to the basic teaching load policy must be in writing and must carry the approval of the chair and the dean with a copy to the Provost.


09.01             The Faculty and Academic Resources office will distribute the workload report for review and completion by academic unit leaders following the 12th semester day.

09.02             The final internal workload report will be distributed to deans and the Faculty Senate by Faculty and Academic Resources; the dean will distribute to academic unit leaders. At that time the academic unit leader will provide each faculty member with a copy of his/her workload report. A copy of the entire academic unit report or a summary report will be provided by the academic unit leader to the academic unit personnel committee prior to the end of each academic semester.