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05.04.02 Clinical Assignment/Field Placement During Extreme Weather

Clinical Assignment/Field Placement During Extreme Weather

College of Health Professions

Policy and Procedure Statement 05.04.02

Issued: 07/2014

Revised: 02/2024

Review Cycle: Every 3 Years

Sr. Reviewer: Associate Dean, College of Health Professions


01.01             The purpose of this PPS is to set forth the procedures to be followed by the academic units of the College of Health Professions during impending extreme weather conditions. These procedures apply only to students scheduled for clinical internship experiences.

01.02             The personal safety for students, faculty, and staff during extreme weather conditions should always be considered.


02.01          For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply:

          a.      Academic units in the College are Departments of
          Communication Disorders, Health Informatics &
          Information Management, Physical Therapy, Respiratory
          Care, Programs of Medical Laboratory Science and
          Radiation Therapy, and the School of Health
          Administration and the St. David's School of Nursing.
           b.     Extreme weather conditions include flash flooding, ice
           and snow, and tornados.


03.01             Students, faculty, and staff scheduled for clinical internship experiences during extreme weather conditions should do the following:

a.         Check the Texas State Weather Alert System for information about campus closings for San Marcos and Round Rock and follow that directive. Phone: (512) 245-2424, Website:

b.        Clinical Assignment/Field Placement off-campus will follow local school or healthcare facilities closing directives. The clinical instructor/program director and the on-site facility preceptor/supervisor will be notified if not attending the Clinical Assignment/Field Placement.

c.         Arrangements will be made by the academic units that require mandatory clinical hours for a schedule to satisfy the requirement where hours have been missed.