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02.04.24 Student Recognition - Awards Day

Student Recognition Awards Day

College of Health Professions

Policy and Procedure Statement 02.04.24

Effective Date: 09/01/2009

Revised Date: February 2021

Next Review Cycle: February 2026 (E5YRS)

Sr. Reviewer: Dean, College of Health Professions


01.01             The purpose of this PPS is to establish policies and procedures for the College of Health Professions annual student recognition. These events are established to honor academic and clinical achievements of students in the College of Health Professions.


02.01             It is the philosophy of the College of Health Professions that achievements of students are recognized and rewarded each year through annual departmental/program/school ceremonies. These ceremonies include participation of faculty, staff and honored students. The Dean hosts a reception or luncheon for recipients of the "outstanding student award" from each unit near the end of spring semester.


03.01             The recognition of individuals for academic achievement, scholarships, clinical awards, and outstanding student awards is the responsibility of each individual unit in CHP. This allows for more individualized and personal recognition.

a.         The format, organization, cost and implementation of the celebration/ceremony and specific awards is the responsibility of each unit.

03.02             Recognition of the following awards is acknowledged by the Dean's Office in a separate celebration as well as during each unit's ceremony.

a.         One Outstanding Undergraduate Student per undergraduate unit

b.        One Outstanding Graduate Student per graduate unit at the masters and doctoral level

c.         One overall College of Health Professions Graduate Outstanding Student at the masters and doctoral level

03.03             The Dean hosts an event for the recipients of these awards near the end of the spring semester.

a.         Attendees may include the student and the student's two guests, and a departmental representative (faculty member or chair)

b.        The format, organization, cost and implementation of the celebration will be the responsibility of the Dean's Office