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02.02.32 Requirements for Student Liability Insurance

Requirements for Student Liability Insurance

College of Health Professions

Policy and Procedure Statement 02.02.32

Effective Date: 09/01/1990

Revised: 08/26/2020

Review Cycle: Every 5 Years

Sr. Reviewer: Dean, College of Health Professions


01.01             The purpose of this PPS is to establish the policies and procedures which govern the requirement for liability insurance for students in the College of Health Professions.

                        a.         To establish requirements for student liability insurance.

 b.        To identify steps required to ensure that appropriate students obtain liability insurance.

 c.         To identify areas of responsibility regarding the procedures related to liability insurance.


02.01             It is the policy of the College of Health Professions that no student(s) will participate in a clinical, internship or practicum activity until they are covered by liability insurance.

02.02             The College of Health Professions will provide student liability insurance under a blanket policy prior to their participation in any clinical, internship or practicum activity.


03.01             Each program Director and/or Chair will notify students that liability insurance coverage will be provided when they inform them of their acceptance into any program which will require participation in a clinical, internship' or practicum activity.

03.02             After the 12th class day, an alphabetized list of all students and their identification numbers will be turned in to the Dean's office.

03.03             At the present time, the blanket liability insurance policy available to the College of Health Professions covers faculty while they are instructing or supervising students. Student liability insurance does not insure faculty members for their individual professional license and actions.