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Contingency Plan

If extenuating catastrophic circumstances (i.e., mass casualty event, pandemic, natural disaster, etc.) impact Texas State operations, and the radiation therapy program operations, or student access to clinical clinic sites, the radiation program may utilize the following steps to ensure the safety of program students and faculty. The Radiation Therapy Program will ensure that all graduates meet graduation requirements, including ARRT required competencies and successful completion of all coursework with a “C” or better.

Clinical modifications with appropriate notification include:
• Assigned clinical site changes
• Assigned clinical schedule (date and time) changes
• Modifications to student clinical participation expectations
• Extension of clinical course requirements beyond the expected completion date
• Didactic modifications with appropriate notification, include:
• Class meeting location changes
• Class meeting schedule (date and time) changes
• Temporary utilization of distance learning tools and programs for class meetings typically delivered face-to-face
• Extension of course requirements beyond the expected completion date

The student’s education is of utmost importance to the Texas State Radiation Therapy Program. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you graduate on time. However, extenuating catastrophic circumstances may extend the program requirements beyond the expected graduation date.

What you can expect from program officials:
• Timely communication via various reasonable means
• Prioritization of student and faculty safety
• Commitment to student professional development
• Assurance that all program graduates meet graduation requirements