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Program Admissions Info, Requirements, & Application

Radiation Therapy Program application packets are available HERE. The packet includes a suggested degree plan and instructions for completing the application process.


Undergraduate Admissions Profile

Year Admitted 20202021202220232024
General Data      
Completed Applications  2927262637
Qualified Applications 2620232429
Applicants Accepted 1818182020
Mean GPA of Applicants 3.53.453.53.413.35
Mean GPA of Admitted  3.673.563.593.463.64
Female 1513151712
Male 35338
Minority 67%72%66%75%75%
Age Range 19-4719-2419-3118-3819-32
Specific Program Requirements      
Pre-requisite Overall GPA 2.752.752.752.752.75
Satisfactory completion of all general education requirements (C or better)      

Program Director - Dr. Megan Trad

Note: Students who have completed an Associate Degree or Certificate in Radiation Therapy can receive credit toward the Bachelor of Healthcare Administration degree with a major Healthcare Administration, see the Department of Health Administration in university catalog.

The program is a two and one-half year program beginning in the junior year, and consisting of Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Upon completion of the degree, students are eligible to apply for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists examination. Students are qualified for a Medical Radiologic Technologist License and Certificate from the Texas Medical Board upon passing the examination. Students are accepted to the program during the fall semester of each year.
Admission to TXSTATE does not guarantee admission to the program. Admission to the program is competitive and selective. The academic sequence begins during the fall semester. Enrollment is limited by student/faculty ratios in the clinical components of the program.

  1. Admission to Texas State
  2. Satisfactory completion of all general education requirements and a minimum overall grade point average of 2.75.
  3. Any student who did not complete at least two years of the same foreign language in high school is required to take 6-8 hours of the same foreign language.
  4.  Applicants must have a Science GPA of 3.0 or higher. No more than 2 attempts on any one science course is permitted (1 repeat). Courses included in the Science GPA computation include: 

  • BIO 1330
  • BIO 1331
  • BIO 2430
  • AT 3358 or PSY 4390N
  • CHEM 1341
  • CHEM 1141
  • PSY 1300
  • MATH 2417 or MATH 2471
  • PHYS 1320, PHYS 1315, or PHYS 1325
  • PHYS 1110, PHYS 1115, or PHYS 1125
  • HP 3302, PSY 2301, SOCI 3307, MATH 2328, or CJ 3347

  5. See Academic Services section of the catalog for course options that satisfy literature components.
  6. Completion of an application packet for admission.
  7. Three letters of reference and a career goal statement.
  8. Successful interview of selected candidates with admission committee.
  9. 24 hour (3 continuous days) clinical observation with completed evaluation on file by Jan. 15. Evaluation to be submitted directly to the program email by the clinical supervisor as indicated on the evaluation form.
10. Students must be able to perform the 13 Technical Standards indicated by the American Disabilities Act (refer to program website or department for more information).
11. Previous misdemeanor or felony convictions will affect admission to the program.

Each applicant must complete and provide the following by January 15.

Deadline for submission of applications is January 15.
1.  Radiation Therapy Program application
2.  Official transcripts reflecting all course work
3.  Career goal statement
4.  Clinical setting evaluations
5.  Three recommendation forms / personal reference letters to be forwarded directly to the program
Note: Students who have completed an Associate Degree or Certificate in Radiation Therapy can receive credit toward the Bachelor of Healthcare Administration degree.
Evaluation Process

The Radiation Therapy Program is committed to accepting the best qualified candidates without regard to gender, religion, age, race and other demographic factors. The admissions committee shall be charged with screening, reviewing, and evaluating each application, interviewing eligible applicants, and rating and ranking each candidate to select a maximum of 18 students per year.

The applicant evaluation process shall consist of three major parts 1) an application, records and file evaluation 2) a personal interview evaluation 3) the compiling of ratings to formulate a ranking order among the applicant pool. Departmental guidelines and selection criteria shall be provided to each committee member for each process.

American Disabilities Act – Technical Standards

In order to fulfill the requirements of the Radiation Therapy Program, student must be able to:

• Communicate in a clear and concise manner to patients and personnel.
• Read and apply appropriate instructions in patient charts, notes, and records.
• Lift 30 pounds of weight from the floor to shoulder height.
• Move immobile patients from a stretcher to a treatment couch or table.
• Push a patient in a standard wheelchair.
• Have good strength in both upper extremities
• Use good body mechanics to bend, stretch, reach, stoop, kneel, and twist in performance of job duties.
• Reach overhead up to 6 feet off the floor.
• See in dim light.
• Visually monitor patients via video monitors.
• Monitor patients via audio monitors.
• Distinguish equipment and background sounds and hear a variety of pitches.
• Utilize a keyboard to input data.