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Evaluation and Assessment

A systematic step by step approach provides clinical skills development. The sequence involves:

Academic Preparation – completed initially on campus with general studies such as physics, anatomy and physiology. Preparation continues during the clinical semesters with other courses such as patient care, radiobiology and pathology.

Observation – Your initial activities at the clinical site will consist of observing qualified radiation therapists at work.

Assisting Qualified Worker – Once you feel comfortable in the treatment room you are assigned, you will be given an opportunity to assist the supervising radiation therapist in delivering treatments.

Performance Evaluation –students will receive an evaluation for each clinical rotation. All professional staff having the opportunity to work with you will be asked to provide input in the written evaluation.

The student will review the evaluation with the Program Clinical Coordinator. The student will, upon request, have an opportunity to meet with the specific evaluators. This process is intended to promote open discussion of the student’s clinical progress. Frequent feedback to the student is a vital part of their professional growth.

Each student will be requested to complete a general evaluation of the clinical instructors at the end of each clinical site assignment. This will provide valuable feedback to the appropriate personnel at the affiliate site.

Clinical Competency Evaluation - The student must perform a number of clinical competency examinations after they have observed and assisted the corresponding procedure listed on their checklist. In the course of their clinical education, the student will operate as many units as is feasible and necessary to achieve the required clinical competencies.

A competency checklist/evaluation for each category and or a course grade is used to assess student performance. Students must meet clinical competencies in all categories to be eligible for program completion.

Performance Maintenance – Once you pass the Competency Evaluation for a particular treatment or technique you need additional practice to maintain and master the skill. The student at this point should be able to demonstrate an understanding of treatment rational. Student preparation by way of a prepared case study for each competency evaluation may serve as a tool for a quick review of each treatment technique.

The student may be required to repeat an examination if factors lead to the conclusion that the student has allowed him / herself to become less proficient.