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Study Abroad

Clinical Lab Science in Huancayo, Peru June 2019

In partnership with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), seven CLS seniors and Professor Joanna Ellis had a fabulous CLS Peruvian Study Abroad experience this June!

To support the local economy, we began our adventure by purchasing most of the supplies for Professor Ellis's novel Health Education Advances with Laboratory Science (HEALS) workshop when we got to Huancayo, Peru we had cultural and professional exchanges with medical technology students and faculty at University Continental. We shadowed and assisted in two Huancayo hospital labs and one private lab, observed surgeries, and screened over 150 children for anemia!

Additionally, we screened at-risk teen moms for sexually transmitted infections and taught them about the biological impact of their lifestyle and dietary choices through our novel HEALS workshop. We had interactive education stations that showed how some lab tests work, a microscopic view of parasites that cause diarrhea, the value of hand hygiene, and what happens in the body when too much sugar or too little iron is in the diet. The HEALS workshop was enjoyed by all and we learned that lab science really is a great way to engage communities about public health concerns!

We saw a parasitic roundworm from a local patient, learned a new phlebotomy technique, collaborated on best practices for determining reference ranges, appreciated the clothes, animals, arts, and culture, and hiked to the point of absolute exhaustion. We learned to cook Lomo Saltado and we will all miss Miguel's delicious home-cooked meals! We met people and had experiences we will never forget. We worked hard to ensure that our program was mutually beneficial for the community we hoped to serve and all that participated in the program. So proud of this unique CLS study abroad program!

First official CLS Study Abroad in the history of our program and one of only a couple CLS-specific study abroad programs in the nation! THE PERU 2018 CUYS...

CLS went to Nicaragua in January of 2017

We are the FIRST interprofessional study abroad program IN THE NATION that includes Clinical Laboratory Science students! It is a very exciting time for our program!

  • Interprofessional Education with Clinical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Respiratory Care, and Mass Communications: Two weeks in Managua, Nicaragua
    • The students will conduct health histories, perform diagnostic laboratory testing, assist in the treatment and diagnosis of individuals in our temporary clinic as well as nursing homes in areas surrounding the capitol of Nicaragua.  The students will gain awareness of the role each practitioner plays in the global healthcare team as well as cultural sensitivity and healthcare disparity. This is the first interprofessional study abroad program in the nation to include clinical laboratory science students! More information HERE

Studies show that study abroad alumni feel these experiences enhance their lives, build valuable skills for the job market, and allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments.