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CLS Student Organization

2022-2023 Officers

SCLS Officers 2022 2023

Ryan Kerr (President), Sarah Olsen (Treasurer), Wesley Herrera (Secretary), Melissa Ortiz (Vice President)



2021-2022 Officers


Joann Ingraham (Treasurer), Luke Alsbrooks (President), Adrianna Marmolejo (Vice-President), Emily Lopez (Secretary)

2020-2021 Officers

SCLS Officers

Anahie Segura (Secretary), Teagan Settle (Vice-President), Rickie Stephenson (President), Cristian Cienfuegos (Treasurer)

2019-2020 Officers

2020 SCLS

Left to right:
Phung "Jessica" Pham (Secretary), Doryan Redding (President), Ryan Reyes (Vice President), and Dawniel Pool (Treasurer)

2018-2019 Officers

2019 SCLS Officers











Left to right:

Joanna Miranda (President), Sarai Lorenzo (Vice-President), Byanca Narro (Treasurer), and Carly Allen (Secretary)

2017-2018 Officers


Current CLS Student org officers

Left to right:

Jamie Vreeland (Vice-President), Francisco Jaimes (President), Kelsi Vickers (Treasurer), and Baylee Briones (Secretary)

2016-2017 Cohort SCLS Officers

2016 - 2017 CLS Society Student Officers

Sheridan Limmer (Secretary), Eric Bruton (Vice-President), Dominic Proby (President), & Ashleigh Graham (Treasurer)

CLS officers 2016

2015-2016 CLS Student Society Officers

Taylor Meyer (Secretary), Rebecca Sturgis (Treasurer), Sara Hernandez (Vice-President), and Haleigh "Hayz" Grant (President)


2014-2015 CLS Student Society Officers

2015 CLS Student Society Officer
2015 CLS Student Society Officer

Johanna Sanchez (Secretary), Binh Pham (Treasurer), Meghan Colvin (President), and Jazmen Myers (Vice-President)


**In the background, last year's officers are keeping an eye on you guys! :-)

The Officers of the Texas State CLS Society for 2013-2014 are


Emily Brown - President

Diana Rayo - Vice President

Bethany Schlather - Treasurer

Elizabeth Martinez - Secretary




CLS Students at San Antonio ADA Expo 2013

Upcoming Meetings

For more information about joining the Texas State Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists, contact Joanna Miranda at or  Sarai Lorenzo at