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Student Awards

  • Outstanding CLS Student Award

  • Texas State College of Health Professions Research Forum Winners

  • Individual Accomplishments

    • Joanna with Falleur and Rohde


    • Texas State University seniors Heather Hansen (CLS major) and Derek Miller were selected for the prestigious AIME Hooded Scholar Award. They will be flying on a chartered plane to Sydney, Australia on February 17th to attend a week-long mentoring conference. 


      Upon returning to San Marcos, they will be starting a student chapter out of the University and local high schools to lead one of the most successful mentoring models across the globe. The model is called AIME and they have been running (until this inaugural year for the U.S.) in Australia, ending educational inequality for disadvantaged kids. Heather and Derek will be provided with a grant to develop and start a mentoring program that focuses on helping the LGBTQIA+ community at their local high schools.


    • For Immediate Press Release:

      Traverse City, MI – Joanna Miranda, a senior at Texas State University, is one of five students, out of more than 300 nationwide applicants, to receive a $2,000 scholarship from the American Proficiency Institute (API). The API scholarship program enters its 11th year with over 50 students receiving funds to further their medical laboratory science education.

      “The enthusiasm these students have for the science behind the clinical laboratory is clear,” remarked Daniel C. Edson, President of API. “From an intrigue with genetics to culturing reindeer samples for enteric pathogens, this year’s scholarship winners have a variety of interests and experiences.”

      Becoming a medical laboratory scientist means that I will be making my mark on the world, one test at a time,” explained Ms. Miranda, who serves as the President of the Texas State Society of Clinical Laboratory Science student organization.

      Rodney Rohde, PhD, Chair and Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Health Professions at Texas State University, remarked that in addition to her academic achievement, Ms. Miranda has volunteered at St. David’s Hospital and has become certified as a phlebotomist. “We appreciate her positive professional attitude and sharing of her skills with other students.”

      “API scholarships aim to support students driving the future of the laboratory profession,” said Edson.

      The American Proficiency Institute is one of the largest proficiency testing providers in the world, serving over 20,000 laboratories. API offers innovative solutions and technical excellence for the proficiency testing needs of hospital and reference laboratories, physician offices, clinics, and point-of-care testing sites.

      Congratulations Joanna! Your @TXST_CLS Family is so Proud of you! It's a GREAT time to #beabobcat at #TXST! #WeSaveLivesEveryday in the #MedicalLaboratory!API

    • We are excited to announce that one of our 1st year (junior) @TXST_CLS students, Rachel Johnson, has been selected for the Mayo Clinic Summer Laboratory Science Program. This is a national competitive program and we believe Rachel is the FIRST Texas State University student to be selected for this honor.

      Rachel will spend 10 weeks at the Summer Lab Science Program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, which offers students the opportunity to gain experience in the clinical laboratory environment by working alongside Mayo Clinic laboratory employees.

    • Heather Hansen

      Traverse City, MI – Heather Hansen, a junior at Texas State University, is one of five students nationwide to receive a $2,000 scholarship from the American Proficiency Institute (API).

      “Now in our tenth year of awarding API Scholarships, the caliber of students entering the medical laboratory science profession continues to impress me,” noted Daniel C. Edson, President of API. “This year’s scholarship winners are particularly inspirational. From growing up in a homeless shelter to regularly donating blood as a means of giving back, they all found a calling for the clinical laboratory profession.”

      Ms. Hansen says that medical laboratory science is “the hidden profession that saves lives.” After enduring years of bullying, the medical laboratory provides her with a voice. “I am a hero in training,” she explains. Ms. Hansen rose to become the President of her campus’ Partnership for Research and Education in Materials.

      Rodney E. Rohde, PhD, Chair and Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science at Texas State University, recognized her potential, “Ms. Hansen has already proven herself as an outstanding student, researcher, presenter, and leader.”

      “We are proud to support the future of the laboratory profession through these API scholarships,” added Edson.

      The American Proficiency Institute is one of the largest proficiency testing providers in the world, serving over 20,000 laboratories. API offers innovative solutions and technical excellence for the proficiency testing needs of hospital laboratories, physician offices, clinics, and point-of-care testing sites.

    • Join me in Congratulating Mr. Eric Bruton (1st year #TxStCLS student) on being chosen for one of the Summer Undergraduate Research Institution for the Study of Kidney Disease Fellowships (SURISKD) 2016 at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The SURISKD Program is a sub-program under the SURF Program. The SURISKD 2016 Program begins Monday, June 6, 2016 and ends Friday, August 12, 2016.

      The SURISKD 2016 Program will provide Eric with an opportunity to immerse himself in a kidney-related research project for 10 weeks, Monday through Friday, under a mentor's supervision. The minimum expectation for each fellow is that they will devote 40 hours/week on their summer research project. In addition to pursuing an individual research project, SURISKD fellows attend bi-weekly research seminars given by members of the faculty on topics of current interest in kidney research and a lab course that demonstrates techniques related to kidney research. At the end of the program, each fellow will present a poster on his or her own research to the other SURISKD fellows and the faculty mentors. Approximately 15 fellows will participate in the SURISKD program this summer.

      The SURISKD fellows may also take a 2-3 day trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to share research results with other summer undergraduate researchers. Eric is one of only 15 Fellows chosen from a national pool with over 60 alternates many of whom were Ph.D. and MD candidates. Obviously, we have great students in our program and we are proud of every one of you in our CLS family! It's always a great day to #beabobcat at Texas State University #EatEmUpCats #lab4life #SURF

      For more information, see:…/non-degr…/suriskd/index.html

      Eric Bruton




    • A strong desire to serve others unites the winners of the 2015 American Proficiency Institute (API) scholarships. Five medical laboratory science students, struck by the power of a diagnosis, are eager to pursue careers in the laboratory field.“

      Whether serving active duty in the military or by experiencing difficulties with the birth of a child, these students have an overwhelming desire to give back to the community,” said Daniel C. Edson, President of API. “Once exposed to medical laboratory science and its interesting coursework, these students chose the laboratory profession as their route for giving back.”

      Jennifer Pemp, a junior at Texas State University, was one of only five national scholarships awarded by API of $2,000.

      CLSI Pemp




    • Congratulations to the following students, alumni, and colleagues for their Awards and Honors during the 2015 ASCLS Annual Conference in Atlanta!

      Meghan Colvin (Cohort 2015) - Beckman Coulter Travel grant, Alpha Mu Tau Scholarship
      Jazmen Myers (Cohort 2015) - Dorothy Morrison Memorial Scholarship, ASCLS Student Forum (SF) Travel Grant, Elected ASCLS SF National Chair (2nd ever for Texas State CLS Program), SF Leadership Award nominee, Keys to the Future
      Bihn Pham (Cohort 2015) - ASCLS Education and Research (E&R) Scholarship
      Jasmin Davis (Cohort 2011) - ASCLS E&R Edward C. Dolbey Graduate Scholarship
      Elizabeth M. Edmunds (Cohort 2014) - New Professional Member of the Year nominee, Keys to the Future
      Professor Joanna Ellis (Cohort 2007) - Theriot Award (2nd)
      Dr. Gerald D. Redwine (Professor, Cohort 1995) - CLS Distinguished Author Award for Clin Lab Sci journal Focus article (STD MDx)
      Stephanie Fennelly (Jimenez, Cohort 2011) - Round Table Presentation on Cystic Fibrosis Molecular detection
      Melissa Tucker (Cohort 2007) - attendance & Queen of Fun!
      Lindsey Coulter (Cohort 2014) - attendance & CDC EID Fellowship tour
      George Kummerer (Cohort 2015) - attendance and chauffeur!
      Debbie Faubion (Cohort 1978) - attendance and ALWAYS involved!
      Professor Dave Falleur - ASCLS Annual Meeting Chair 2015, ASCLS AMI Meeting Chair 2016, The Godfather! smile emoticon
      Dr. Rodney E. Rohde (Professor & Chair, CLS Program) - Cardinal Health #‎urEssential Award Winner, CLS Distinguished Author for Clin Lab Sci Focus Article (STD MDx), Clin Lab Sci Clinical Practice Article (Ebola) & Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Award for Best Clin Lab Sci journal article for year (MRSA)

      As you can see, we have an amazing, talented, and committed group from Texas State University! Please, let us know if you are interested in becoming involved. Join ASCLS and TACLS and stay involved with YOUR profession and university! #‎Lab4Life #‎ASCLS #‎TxSt Doc R


      Professor Dave Falleur, Dr. Rodney E. Rohde, Meghan Colvin, Jazmen Myers, Professor Joanna Ellis, Dr. Gerald D. Redwine

    • Jazmen Myers was has been awarded two national scholarships - the 2014-2015 Siemens-ASCP Scholarship and the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) Scholarship Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) have a shared goal to support the development of highly trained laboratory professionals through Siemens–ASCP Scholarships. ASCP is actively committed to the medical laboratory profession and dedicated students like you who will play a critical and valuable role in improving patient outcomes and securing the future Pathology and Laboratory Medicine workforce.

      Additionally, Jazmen was the third place winner of the 2015 CLSI scholarship award.  There were a total of 35 applicants from all over the country who were enrolled in either Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) programs or Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) programs.

      In addition to the scholarship award, Jazmen will receive a complimentary one-year CLSI student membership, recognition in CLSI’s monthly eNews publication, and recognition at the 2015 Clinical Laboratory Educators’ Conference.

      WAY TO GO Jaz!!

    • Jaz Receiving Award

      Jazmen Myers receiving her G2 Intelligence scholarship check in Washington, DC.

      The Texas State CLS Program is very pleased to announce that current CLS Senior, Jazmen Myers, has been awarded the 2014 G2 Intelligence Scholarship Award. Jazmen is the sole winner of this nationally competitive scholarship program. G2 Intelligence's scholarship is awarded annually to help develop future leaders and qualified medical technology professionals. It signifies that the individual(s) has (or have) demonstrated a high level of knowledge, motivation, and drive for educational excellence in the clinical laboratory sciences field. McKesson Business Performance Services is generously donating $2,500 to further the education of an individual student enrolled in an accredited program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

      Jazmen traveled to Washington DC on Thursday, October 16, 2014 to receive the award as part of G2I Intelligence’s annual conference, Lab Institute.

      Of special importance, if you visit the web link you will recognize that past winners of this award have come from places like UMass Dartmouth, University of Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Rush University, among others. Texas State University will now JOIN that prestigious listing of scholarship winners.

      Please join me in congratulating Jazmen on her wonderful award and thanks for helping put us on that list!

      Eat em up Cats!

      Dr. Rohde & the CLS Program


    • Left to right> Adrian Rubio (Tarleton State, Student Forum alternate delegate), Texas State student Jazmen Myers, TX State CLS alumna Jasmin Davis & Elizabeth Edmunds. Far right is Brooks Kennedy (U.T. M.D. Anderson CLS Program alumni, ASCLS Undergraduate Research Poster winner)

      ASCLS 2014

      Texas State CLS student, Jazmen Myers, was elected as the National Student Forum Vice Chair at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) held in Chicago, Ill July 28 - August 2nd, 2014. Jazmen is an incoming senior in the CLS Program where she also serves at Vice President of the Texas State CLS Student Society. Her position represents all national CLS students. Jazmen is the first Texas State CLS Student to be elected as a national Vice Chair in the Student Forum. She also received the highly competitive ASCLS Student Travel Award to Chicago.

      Texas State CLS alumna (2011), Jasmin S. Davis, was nominated as a New Professional Member of the Year. Jasmin was also elected as a Communications Co-Coordinator for the New Professionals and New Members Forum where she will serve as a liaison to the ASCLS Board of Directors and membership. Jasmin was also the first Texas State student to serve ASCLS National Student Forum Chair during 2011-12 and she has continued to be involved at multiple levels in ASCLS.

      Recent graduate Elizabeth Edmunds, also traveled to Chicago for the ASCLS Annual meeting as the Student Forum Chair of the state Texas Association for Clinical Laboratory Science (TACLS). Elizabeth will be graduating from the CLS Program this summer on August 8th and has plans to practice in the Austin area. Elizabeth recently became certified as a MLS (ASCP). Congrats!!


    • Lindsey Coulter

      APHL – CDC Emerging Infectious Disease (EID) Fellowship Announcement

      Lindsey Blythe Coulter, a student in the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program at Texas State University, was recently awarded an Emerging Infectious Disease (EID) Fellowship. The EID Laboratory Fellowship Program, sponsored by the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), trains and prepares scientists for careers in public health laboratories and supports public health initiatives related to infectious disease research. The EID Fellowship is a prestigious and nationally competitive award. In this application cycle, Lindsey was one of only six awards from a pool of 325 applicants.

      Lindsey previously completed a BS in microbiology (2010) and MS in Biology (2012) at Texas State with a thesis focus on antibiotic and bacteriophage therapy against bacterial biofilms.  Dr. Rodney E. Rohde, Professor and Chair in the Texas State CLS Program, was one of Lindsey’s MS thesis committee members and recruited her into the CLS Program. Professor Rohde sponsored Ms. Coulter in an independent research MRSA study and advised and sponsored her EID application. She will graduate in August of 2014 with a BSCLS and plans to become certified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) prior to her Fellowship. Lindsey is the first Texas State student to receive this nationally recognized Fellowship.

      The EID Advanced Laboratory Training Fellowship is a one-year program designed for bachelor’s or master’s level scientists, with emphasis on the practical application of technologies, methodologies and practices related to emerging infectious diseases. Areas of training and/or research include: development and evaluation of diagnostic techniques, antimicrobial sensitivity and resistance, principles and practices of vector or animal control, emerging pathogens and laboratory-epidemiology interaction.

      Lindsey will participate in an orientation session at CDC in Atlanta from August 13-15th, 2014 to gain a general understanding of the public health laboratory system and how it relates to infectious disease surveillance, prevention, research and control. She will then be placed in a local, state or federal (CDC) public health laboratory of her choice in the US. Fellows are provided with a stipend, medical insurance, travel to the host laboratory and a professional development allowance.

      - See more at >


    • Priya Dhagat
      Priya Dhagat, a senior in the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program, was awarded first place in the undergraduate research poster competition at the  81st Annual Conference of the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). Priya’s project, “ Prevalence of Staphylococci, including Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, in a Physical Therapy Education Facility,” was conducted as part of the course requirements for CLS 4361: Clinical Research. She is sponsored by Karen Gibbs, PT, PhD, DPT, CWS, and Rodney E. Rohde, PhD, MS, SV, SM(ASCP)CMMBCM who are co-authors on the poster presentation.
      Priya was selected to receive the Rising STAR Grant to attend the ASCLS conference. The Associated Student Government launched this past year the Rising STAR (Scholarly Travel Activity and Research) Grant that provides students who are traveling to perform research. The Rising Scholarly Travel Activity and Research (S.T.A.R.) Grant program has been established by the Associated Student Government (ASG) to promote and enhance the efforts undertaken by the colleges and departments to send students to programs, conferences and activities of a scholarly nature. We have bench marked the number of students participating in this kind of activity and at the end of 2013 wish, with the help of the S.T.A.R. grant, to see a sizable increase in the number of students participating.
      Priya received a cash award of $500 and free membership for one year in the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.  Priya graduated on August 9th, 2013 with a BSCLS and is beginning graduate studies at Drexel University. The focus of her graduate work will be in infectious disease and molecular medicine.

    • Congratulations to Jalisa Hall, Texas State Track and Field team member for her Gold Medal in the Hammer Throw at the Western Athletic Conference Championships. Jalisa won with a hammer throw of 191 feet, two inches.  The women's team dominated with a 39-point victory (179-140).


  • Cardinal Health

    Dr. Rodney E. Rohde was the selected award winner for the 2015 urEssential Award from Cardinal Health, Inc. and Mrs. Jennifer Dawson was selected as the 2017 urEssential Award. Dr. Rohde established a professional relationship with Mrs. Dawson regarding the importance of education and service to the medical laboratory community. Due to her experiences with Texas State CLS students in the clinical setting, Mrs. Dawson requested her award funds be combined to benefit scholarship support to College of Health Professions CLS Students in perpetuity by contributing to the Rodney E. Rohde Cardinal Health Endowed Scholarship. The Scholarship will honor Dr. Rohde and Mrs. Dawson’s significant contributions to the Clinical Laboratory Science field.

    Cardinal Health Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarship Honoring Dr. Rodney E. Rohde and Jennifer Dawson.
    Award criteria:
    • Must be accepted into the Clinical Laboratory Science program.
    • Recipient must be enrolled at Texas State University and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0
    • Active in professional service

    Follow our CLS Program on Facebook and Twitter! @TXST_CLS. Follow Dr. Rohde @RodneyRohde

  • 2022 AwardeesBailey Nichols and Halie Willeford, CLS Program Cardinal Health Scholarship Awardees!

  • Cardinal Health 2021



    Amanda Clapie and Nhi Le, CLS Program Cardinal Health Scholarship Awardees!

  • 2020 Fall Awardees

  • 2019 Fall awardees

  • CH2018


    The Texas State University Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program is pleased to announce the awardees and first recipients of the Cardinal Health Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarship.

    Three CLS students – Baylee Briones, Karla Dusseau, and Heather Hansen – were awarded scholarships for the spring 2018 semester. Baylee and Karla are completing their final year (seniors) of the CLS Program and Heather is a current junior CLS major.

    Each of these students demonstrated excellence in the award criteria. As a three-time Texas State alumnus, I am personally thrilled and honored to establish this opportunity for our CLS Bobcats! All of us in the CLS Program are excited for you and we look forward to your continued progress in our program and your future professional journey in the medical laboratory! #WeSaveLivesEveryday #MedicalLaboratory #Lab4Life

  • CH2019

    Cardinal Health CLS Scholarship - Spring 2019

    The Texas State University Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program is pleased to announce the awardees of the 2019

    Four CLS students – junior students, Doryan Redding and Phung (Jessica) Pham, and senior students, Joanna Miranda and Rachel Johnson – were awarded scholarships for the spring 2019 semester.

    Each of these students demonstrated excellence in the award criteria. As a three-time Texas State alumnus, I am personally thrilled and honored to establish this opportunity for our CLS Bobcats! All of us in the CLS Program are excited for you and we look forward to your continued progress in our program and your future professional journey in the medical laboratory! #WeSaveLivesEveryday #MedicalLaboratory #Lab4Life