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Callie Camp

Callie At Work

Callie Camp graduated from Texas Tech University’s Health Science Center's program in Molecular Pathology in 2010. She is currently employed at Clinical Pathology Laboratories in Austin, Texas.  Callie is responsible for setting up and evaluating molecular diagnostic tests and quality control.

Callie was the lead author of the feature article in the November, 2010, issue of the ASCP journal, Laboratory Medicine,  "A Review of Acinetobacter baumannii as a Highly Successful Pathogen in Times of War."  The article is a review of a particularly resilient bacterial pathogen that has proliferated in hospital settings and has significantly affected U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.






Bobcat - Callie Camp

Callies's Thoughts on Texas State

Why Texas State

I chose Texas State because of the beautiful campus and the fact that it had the program I was looking for. 

Why Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS)

I’ve always been intensely interested in health sciences, and I knew I wanted to do something that will let me work with and research the processes of the human body.

Career Goals

Someday I want to be a supervisor of a laboratory, and I’d absolutely love to be a lab manager someday.

Typical Day

This year I have been completing clinical rotations. For three weeks, I’ll be at a hospital or blood bank. After that I come back to campus for a week of school, and then it’s off to another clinical site. The week I’m on campus is busy but very doable. I have back-to-back classes and two hour-long breaks during which I can grab a bite to eat or study.

Favorite Professor

Professor David Falleur and Professor Rodney Rohde of the Clinical Laboratory Science program are extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun. It seems like Professor Falleur knows everything there is to know about clinical lab science. He’s also a very big help with the CLS Society. Professor Rohde has been a huge help to me as I’ve been considering and applying for graduate school. He is very eager to help his students, and he and Professor Falleur are both very enthusiastic, which is helpful during 8 a.m. classes and labs.

Best Studying Advice

Go to class and take notes and try to avoid cramming for tests. Study a little bit at a time, get some sleep and review, review, review. Studying right before I go to sleep works wonders for me.

My Clubs and Organizations

I currently belong to the CLS Society, and I was a member of the Tennis Club for two years. Members of the CLS Society get to really know their classmates, so if you ever need help with a class, there are more than a dozen people to help you. We also get help going to the annual Texas Association for Clinical Laboratory Science (TACLS) convention. The Tennis Club may have been more social than athletic, but it was a great experience, and I made a lot of friends. Whacking a tennis ball all over the court (and sometimes over the fence) is a great stress-reliever.

Why I'm Involved at Texas State

Student organizations make school that much more exciting. If you aren’t sure what to major in, check out the student organizations, and you just might find something you’re passionate about. You can ask the other members about their majors and get a feel for some subjects that might interest you. Student organizations really open doors for people because you meet professors and other students. Being a member or an officer in an organization is a great way to amp it up a bit and meet people interested in the same things as you.

Best Campus Hangout

Chick-fil-A. I’ve rekindled friendships over nuggets and waffle fries.

Favorite San Marcos Hangout

I take all my friends to Casa Maria’s on Guadalupe for breakfast tacos. I haven’t tried every breakfast taco in San Marcos, but Casa Maria’s has to be in the top five.

Where I Go to Relax

I like to walk on the trail alongside the river, through the parks. It’s gorgeous and very relaxing, especially in the morning.

Where I Go for Fun

The Square, of course! There’s also a whole lot of fun to be had in Sewell Park.

Callie Camp Stats

MAJOR: Clinical Laboratory Sciences

HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas

HIGH SCHOOL: Cypress Creek High School

Bobcat Quote

"I chose Texas State because of the beautiful campus and the fact that it had the program I was looking for."