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CLS PPS 04.01.40
Effective Date: 5/1/2022
Review Date: 4/2/2022
Next Review Date: 4/2/2027 (E5Y)
Sr. Reviewer: CLS Chair


01.    Policy Statement

01.01     CLS Program is committed to implementing a faculty workload system that effectively documents the professional responsibilities of faculty, ensures compliance with state reporting regulations, is carried out efficiently, is distributed equitably, and informs the development and implementation of workload policies in our program. College and university workload policies always supersede those of the Program, and the awarding of assigned time is always contingent on the Program’s ability to meet its fundamental teaching obligations. The Chair will make every effort to arrange teaching assignments and allocate resources so that assigned time can be awarded in accord with Program, college, and university policies. Additional sources include:

01.02     AA/PPS 04.01.40 (7.05) Faculty Workload.

01.03     AA/PPS No. 04.01.41, Summer Faculty Workload.

01.04     UPPS No. 07.07.06, Salaried Graduate Student Employment.

01.05     AA/PPS No. 04.01.22, Clinical Faculty Appointments.

01.06     AA/PPS No. 04.01.20, Faculty Responsibilities, Definitions, and Titles.

02.   Definitions

02.01      No unique definitions exist for CLS outside what is already defined by the University and College of Health Professions.

02.02      Workload – standard unit of reporting activities that justifies salary/payment. The standard workload for an FTE is 12 workload units. Each workload unit is roughly equivalent to one academic credit hour. Each academic credit hour is equivalent to 2-3 hours of prep for every 1 hour of instruction. Each 3 credit hour course is roughly equivalent to 10 hours of productivity (prep and instruction). Every 3 hours of workload is equivalent to about 10 hours of work per week. The 3 workload units granted for a service obligation such as a Chair is equivalent to about 10 hours of work per week.

02.03      Workload for full-time, tenure-line faculty – All full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty in the Clinical Laboratory Science Program are expected to meet a set of professional responsibilities that include teaching, scholarly activity, and service. This equates to 12 workload units, which equates to 40 hours per week.

02.04     Workload is distributed equitably in order to enable equitable treatment during the Annual Performance Evaluation process.

03.   Responsibilities

03.01     The CLS Chair is responsible for implementing the workload policy in the Program.

03.02      The CLS Chair ensures the workload in the CLS Program complies with policies of both the CHP and Texas State University. The workload in CLS must meet program goals for teaching, research, scholarly activities, and service for each faculty member.

04.  Practice for Assignment and Adjustment of Workload Credits

04.01     Workload credit is earned during each semester in two general areas: teaching and research. Additional workload credit may be earned by scholarly activity, service, administrative duties, and laboratory preparation. The total workload credits earned should be used to monitor the distribution of work assignment within the academic unit.

04.02    Tenure-line faculty are usually granted an additional research credit of 3 workload units (at total of 6) for two semesters per year.

05.   Practice for Assignment and Adjustment of Workload for Teaching

05.01    Workload is calculated for courses (lecture and labs) and individual instruction using the semester credit hour value of the lecture, adjusted lab credit hours, and per student calculation for Clinical Practice courses. The workload credit for current CLS classes is contained in the following table:

Course Number – CLS XXXX













3305, 3323, 3326, 4318, 4333, 4340, and 4370









3410, 3412, 3424, 4440, and 4460



4463 and 4465

0.67 per student

06.   Practice for Assignment and Adjustment of Workload for Administrative Duties

06.01    The following are standard workload units:

a.    Program Chair receives 6 workload units each long semester and 6 workload units each summer session for service as chair.

b.    Clinical Professor receives 3 workload units each long semester and for the 10-week summer session for service as clinical coordinator.

07.   Practice for Assignment and Adjustment of University Approved Leave

See the University policy on this category. CLS has no changes or specifics that differ from policies of higher entities.

08.      Workload and Reporting Procedures and GIA Assignments

08.01   Faculty workloads are determined by the Program Chair each semester and summer session and are submitted to the Dean of the College of Health Professions for final approval.

08.02   The CLS Program currently has two graduate student positions funded for the fall and spring semester.  GIAs and/or GAs will work with all CLS faculty as requested. They will assist with setup, development, and cleanup of laboratory course sections.  Graduate students are limited to 20 hours per week employment.

09.     Calculating Summer Workload

09.01    Summer workload is not guaranteed to any faculty member because faculty are on nine-month contracts with the University. Faculty may request to teach a summer course, and the Chair makes assignments based on the number of faculty requesting to teach. Summer workload is usually established by December of the previous year.