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Academic Program Progression

CLS PPS 02.02.20
Effective Date 5/1/2022
Review Date: 04/2022
Next review date: 04/02/2027 (E5Y)
Sr. Reviewer: CLS Chair


01.      Policy Statement. The Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) sets forth criteria and guidelines for required for progression through the CLS program and steps to be taken in the event criteria are not met.

            01.01   Course Completion

Each course within the CLS curriculum is graded with letter grades [A-F] with the exception of CLS 4321, Directed study in Clinical Laboratory Science, which is CR or F. For all CLS courses a grade of C or better or CR must be achieved each semester in every CLS course to allow progression in the program. Additional criteria for progression include a GPA of at least 2.0 and compliance with Professional Behaviors. Students who fail to meet established criteria due to withdrawal may be offered the opportunity to “re-enter” in the program based on clinical space and a plan approved by the faculty.

02.      CLS Progression Procedures

02.01    Faculty Responsibilities

a.     Identify course expectations in course syllabi.

b.     Counsel student who does not appear to be meeting criteria for an acceptable grade in any course no later than the midpoint of the course or as soon as noted if after the midpoint of the semester.

c.     Notify Program Chair who will also provide counseling as indicated.

02.02    Chair Responsibilities

a.      Counsel student during the semester.

b.     In the event of a student deciding to withdraw from the CLS Program decide on any re-entry plans is acceptable.  Discuss possible continuation in the CLS Program with student.

c.     A student who falls out of sequence (whether due to illness, course failure, or other reasons) will be delayed one year to repeat the course. Students with a grade of less than a “C” in a CLS course will be stepped out of the program and individuals must reapply to the program the following year. To be considered for program readmission, all original program admission criteria and an approved schedule for retaking courses must be met. In addition, a student may repeat a CLS course only once. If the student does not earn a grade of at least “C” upon repeating the course, the student cannot continue in the program.

02.03    Student Responsibilities

a.       If a student is in good standing in the current semester and finds it necessary to withdraw from the Program, he or she must notify the Program Chair both verbally and in writing.

b.     Follow all University policies for withdrawal from the University or dropping classes. 

c.      Withdraw from classes for which he or she has registered for in the next semester.

d.     Formalize with Program Chair a plan for re-entry into the Program if appropriate.