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Administrative Responsibilities

CLS PPS 01.02.
Effective Date:  5/1/2022
Review Date: 04/2022
Next Review Date: 04/02/2027
Sr. Reviewer: CLS Chair



01.      Policy Statement. CLS Program is committed to transparency in its assignment of duties and responsibilities.

02.      CLS Program Procedures

02.01    Committee Assignments

Annually, at the beginning of the fall semester, the Chair makes assignments to Program administrative committees. Committee Chairs and other supervisors report to the Program Chair. Committee members meet with committee chair as the necessary work of the Program requires. Tenured and tenure-track faculty and senior lecturers ordinarily serve on committees; per-course lecturers ordinarily have no committee assignment.

02.02    CLS Program Committees

The following is a list of CLS Program committees:

a.      Personnel Committee – all tenured faculty

b.     Faculty Search Committee – usually the PC + ad hoc members

02.03    Other service opportunities at SOHA

a.      Social media

b.     Alpha Eta Society coordinator

   c.     CHP Research Forum

d.     Society of CLS Students

e.     Bobcat Day and similar recruitment events

02.04    University and College Committees

In addition to assignments within the Program, faculty members will have assignments to College & University Committee’s as required. The CHP publishes a list of committees each fall. The University lists its committees at this website.

02.05  The Chair supervises all Graduate Instructional Assistants and Graduate Assistants. Faculty help supervise instructional assistants with their assignments. At the beginning of the academic year, and occasionally thereafter, graduate assistants meet with the Chair for an orientation and discussion of expectation requirements.

02.06    Commencement

Faculty are required to attend two commencement every academic year. The Chair prepares a list of attendees for the CHP Academic Advising office based on faculty preference. Nine-month faculty attend either December or May commencement every academic year. All CLS faculty are expected to attend August commencement.

02.08    Deadlines

As part of their ordinary professional obligations, faculty are expected to meet various deadlines—e.g., submitting annual evaluation materials; submitting Promotion and Tenure materials; verifying class rosters; turning in schedule request forms; uploading final grades; and others. Missed deadlines create additional work for staff and strain the Program’s relations with other University offices and the College of Health Professions. Faculty are therefore urged to be mindful of deadlines and to make every effort to meet them.