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Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Care (BSRC)

Applicants are required to complete all pre-requisites and general education courses prior to application to the BSRC program. Once admitted to the program, the cohort of students will complete the following lockstep, sequenced curriculum:



RC 3313       RC Clinical Practice I

RC 3315       Cardiopulmonary-Renal A&P

RC 3112       Pharmacology

RC 3314       RC Instrumentation  

RC 3316       Fundamentals in RC

13 hours



RC 3321       Cardiopulmonary Pathology

RC 3323       RC Clinical Practice II

RC 3322       Critical Care Concepts

RC 3324       Critical Care Instrumentation

RC 3125       Pulmonary Function Testing

13  hours



RC 3333       RC Clinical Practice III

RC 3332       Hemodynamic Diagnostics

RC 3334       Neonatal Respiratory Care

9 hours




RC 4211       Respiratory Care Research

RC 4314       Advanced Ventilator Concepts

RC 4316       RC Clinical Practice IV

RC 4221       Leadership & Management for RC Professionals

RC 4317       Pulmonary Rehabilitation

13 hours



RC 4223       ICU Internship

RC 4312       Critical Care Clinical Simulation

RC 4322       RC Practitioner Seminar

RC 4225       Specialization Internship

RC 4224       Research Seminar

12 hours


Graduation with BSRC in May

General Education Core + 22 BSRC Pre-reqs = 60 hours

BSRC Curriculum = 60 hours

TOTAL BSRC Degree = 120 hours

Projected Costs of BSRC Program (22 months)

Tuition & Fees *Tuition & Fees subject to change annually

Additionally the cost of driving to and from your clinical rotations and a one-time purchase of $1,250 (scrubs, stethoscope, clinical performance evaluation program, specialty certifications, etc.)