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Degree Plans

During the first semester after admission to the RC Program, the Chair will revise the student official Degree Plan detailing all courses required for BSRC Degree completion. Prior to admission to the BSRC Program, the Academic Advising Center in the College of Health Professions will provide advising for all prerequisite coursework and general education course requirements.  Once a student declares "Pre-RC" as his/her major, the Academic Advising Office will contact the student for advising (512.245.3506).


Degree Updates/Applying for Graduation

At any time students can request Degree Plan updates if they are concerned about courses meeting degree requirements taken at another college/university and transferred to Texas State.  When a student applies for graduation online, the Academic Advising Center will performa a final Degree Plann update to confirm graduation eligibility.  The final Degree Plan will will list the courses remaining to be taken as well as grade- point averages in all college courses.  The final criteria for the BSRC degree is  2.0 overall GPA with a 2.5 in the RC major.
Pre-RC Information
All general education and pre-requisite courses should be taken the first two years with application to the BSRC Program during the Spring semester of the Sophomore year. Academic advising will be provided in the College of Health Professions Academic Advising Office (512.245.3506) in the Health Professions Building, Room 207. Students seriously considering a major in Respiratory Care can enroll in the following course as a Pre-Respiratory Care student. 
RC2213 Introduction to Respiratory Care (elective)
*Foreign Language     2 semester courses
Note: If two years of same foreign language taken in high school then exempt from foreign language requirement.