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Registered Respiratory Therapist to Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Online Completion Program (R.R.T.-to-B.S.R.C.)

Therapists with an associate degree in respiratory care can complete this online program to earn their bachelor of science in respiratory care (B.S.R.C.) degree. The program provides professional development in critical care, research, education, leadership and management. The online-only format allows practicing respiratory therapists from across the state and country to complete their degree while working.

The World Needs More RTs? Yes, especially when they're high achieving. Congratulations to Megha & Gene!! 2022 Summer BSRC Grads.

Summer 2022 BSRC Grads

RRT to BSRC in Three - These two Bobcats have advanced their degree from AAS to BSRC in three short semesters. It's not an easy task, but they both found the motivation within themselves to achieve this academic goal. We're just happy to help them get there @TXST. Let us be your NEXT.  #TXSTNEXT

Goal of Program:

To provide graduates of entry into respiratory care professional practice degree programs with additional knowledge, skills, and attributes in leadership, management, education, research, and/or advanced clinical practice that will enable them to meet their current professional goals and prepare them for practice as advanced degree respiratory therapists. 

100% online

designed for

Registered Respiratory Therapists to advance their education

Career Prospects

Therapists with a B.S.R.C. degree have a tremendous advantage in the workforce. Fewer than 10 percent of respiratory therapists in the United States have a bachelor’s degree in respiratory care — a B.S.R.C. makes graduates competitive at job offers and opportunities for advancement. Texas State respiratory care graduates often move up quickly due to their specialized training.

Program Structure and Topics

This 32-hour program is 100% online, including prerequisites. Courses are 8 weeks long, and students can enroll at the beginning of every semester starting in fall 2018. After completing the university’s core curriculum, a full-time student can finish the R.R.T.-to-B.S.R.C. online completion program in 1 year.

Course Work Covers:

  • Pulmonary diagnostics and rehabilitation
  • Leadership, management and education
  • Interdisciplinary healthcare
  • Disease management
  • Sleep medicine and polysomnography
  • Neonatal and adult critical care


The Registered Respiratory Therapist to Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Online Completion Program, Program Number 510017 with the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, awarding the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care at Texas State University holds Provisional Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (

This status signifies that a program with an Approval of Intent has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the Standards (through submission of an acceptable Provisional Accreditation Self Study Report (PSSR) and any other documentation required by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, as well as satisfactory completion of an initial on-site visit), to be allowed to admit students.  The program will remain on Provisional Accreditation until it achieves Continuing Accreditation.

Graduate Outcomes Data

The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care accredits respiratory therapy education programs in the United States. To achieve this end, it utilizes an ‘outcomes based’ process. Programmatic outcomes are performance indicators that reflect the extent to which the educational goals of the program are achieved and by which program effectiveness is documented.  (