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Undergraduate and BHA Advisor

Dr. Jose Betancourt

Dr. Jose Betancourt
Associate Professor & BHA Program Director (PD)
Phone #512.245.8239

Graduate Advisor

Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo

Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo
Associate Professor & Graduate Programs Director
Phone #: 512.245.34978

Long Term Care Administration (LTCA)* Advisor

Dr. Michael Mileski

Dr. Michael Mileski
Associate Professor & LTCA Program Director
Phone #: 512.245.7308

*This program is taught exclusively online. For students residing outside of Texas and not planning on relocating to the state, please visit before applying.

BSHS Advisor

Dr. C. Scott Kruse

Dr. Clemens Scott Kruse
Professor, Director of SOHA, & BSHS Programs Director
Phone #: 512.245.3556