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Clinical Experience

Speech Therapy

Undergraduate Practicum:

Candidates for the bachelor's degree in communication disorders gain practical experiences by observing therapy.  These experiences allow students to begin to develop their clinical skills by exposing them to a variety of communicative disorders and offer students the opportunity to develop insight into communicative disorders and remediation.  Senior-level students have the opportunity to deliver services as clinical aides alongside graduate student clinicians.

Graduate Practicum:

Candidates for the master's degree in CDIS complete a program of study that includes supervised, direct client contact sufficient in breadth and depth to demonstrate appropriate diagnostic, intervention, and professional interaction skills that lead toward ASHA certification and state licensure.  Graduate students gain valuable experience with a variety of client populations across the lifespan with a range of communicative and swallowing disorders and differences.  Students complete three semesters in the Texas State Speech-Language-Hearing clinic, and two semesters in full-time, off-campus practicum sites.

Department of Communication Disorders (CDIS)

Student Web Resources

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