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Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy Program

The Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy Program (CSTP) is an intensive clinical program designed for adolescents and adults who stutter (14 years and older). The program, established in 2011, is offered by the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic every July. 

SUMMER 2024: Registration for summer 2024 is now open! The CSTP will be offered as a 6-day in-person intensive program starting July 8, 2024, and ending July 13, 2024.  The program is open to teens and adults 14 years and older. Please contact Dr. Irani ( with questions about the program, stuttering, and stuttering therapy.    

Schedule: The 2024 CSTP is scheduled from Monday July 8 through Saturday July 13, 2024. Sessions will meet daily from 10:30 AM to 5 PM. This will include group therapy sessions in the morning and individual therapy sessions in the afternoon.

Cost: The fee for the CSTP is $250*. Please contact the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (; 512-716-2600) with questions about payment. 

* Scholarships and/or payment plans may be available on a need basis - please call Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (512-716-2600) to inquire.

REGISTRATION/ INTEREST: If you are interested in attending the CSTP, please contact the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (; 512-716-2600) or email Dr. Irani

If you have any questions about the program,
please email Dr. Irani (
or call the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (512-716-2600). 

The program is coordinated by Dr. Farzan Irani. His research focuses on treatment outcomes for people who stutter. To learn more about Dr. Irani and his research interests please click here.



CTSP Flyer
  • The cost of the CSTP is $250.00. 

    * Scholarships and or payment plans may be available on a need basis - please call Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (512-716-2600) to inquire. 

  • We believe that stuttering is a complex multidimensional disorder best treated by a multifaceted approach. Due to the nature of stuttering, it is important for therapy to consider individual needs. The CSTP is designed to provide therapy in a semi-structured format that addresses various aspects of stuttering while paying attention to individual needs. The program addresses various unhelpful reactions to stuttering on an individual level to help promote healthy acceptance of stuttering and develop the skills necessary to deal with various real-life situations independently. Over the course of the program, individual needs will be identified and prioritized. Success looks different for each person, so the ultimate goal of the CSTP is to help each person become comfortable with their stuttering and develop a repertoire of effective communication skills that serve their needs. 


  • If you have any more questions about the CSTP, or would like to learn more about the CSTP, please email or call (512-716-2618) Dr. Irani