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Mission & Philosophy


The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic at Texas State is dedicated to providing comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation and intervention to a diverse client population.  We believe that a client's progress is significantly enhanced when communication strategies are incorporated into a meaningful, natural environment.  Our efforts to work within the context of the client's milieu involve collaboration with family members and caregivers in the intervention process, as well as ongoing implementation and reinforcement of positive changes in daily activities outside the clinic.  We also work closely with a variety of individuals involved in our clients' care to ensure consistency of treatment and to enhance generalization and maintenance of newly acquired communication skills.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in the Department of Communication Disorders is to provide graduate students with the clinical education and training required for national certification and state licensure in speech-language pathology. To accomplish this mission, the clinic, as part of the department must (1) maintain national standards of accreditation in the academic and clinical education of its undergraduate and graduate students (2) maintain high standards in the clinical services it provides and (3) encourage the development of new knowledge through faculty and student research activities.