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BS Degree in HIM

BSHIM Degree requirements

This is our basic degree plan with all of the coursework that is required for the degree. In addition to the General Education Core requirements, students must complete Pre-requisites for BSHIM shown below:

HP 3302 Statistics for the Health Professional

BIO 2430 Human Anatomy & Physiology

CIS 1323 Computer Information Systems

HIM 2360 Medical Terminology

BSHIM Degree requirements – HIT Progression Program

This one is for those who have already completed an associates degree in health information technology at a community college and are progressing from this level of health information to the baccalaureate degree level here. If you look at this degree plan sheet, it is the same as #1 but some of the courses are marked through as some credit is given for the HIT courses to apply towards our BSHIM degree requirements.


The Health Information Management at Texas State University is offered in two formats: On-campus and On-line. Degree requirements are the same for either format. The program is in a two-plus-two format—two years of Core curriculum and prerequisite courses then two years of courses in the professional phase of the curriculum.

Transfer courses can be accepted to meet the Core and Prerequisite coursework if the courses are equivalent and/or have the appropriate Core designation.

RHIT’s (Registered Health Information Technicians) and those who have already completed one bachelors degree are advised to seek academic advising as soon as possible to determine what can be substituted, what can still be taken at a local college and what must be completed at Texas State.

Tuition and Fee Information:

Admission Requirements

To apply to HIM, you must:

  1. have completed the majority of the Core and other prerequisite coursework
  2. have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5
  3. be eligible for admission to Texas State University. (University Application deadlines are different than the HIM Department deadline. Potential applicants are encouraged to complete the University process early to facilitate review of transcripts.)
  4. Submit the HIM application by July 15th for consideration of beginning the courses in the fall. The application is available to download at our program website.
  5. Submit copies of all transcripts if have not been accepted to Texas State.
  6. Early academic advisement is encouraged to determine eligibility for program application.
  7. Students who have already earned the RHIT certification or have completed other degrees will be reviewed for advanced placement.