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Application for Class of 2027

Due September 15, 2023 

For application deadlines, instructions, and requirements please review our PTCAS Directory Page

Your application status in PTCAS must be "Complete" by the deadline in order to be considered. This includes GRE scores and references. 

Official GRE scores must be sent directly from ETS to PTCAS (Code: 7405)

Firm Application Deadline: September 15, 2023

Interviews will be held: November 10, 2023

Please Note: Your PTCAS application may take up to 4-5 weeks to be verified once your application status is considered "Complete". Therefore, it is recommended that all materials be received by PTCAS no later than August 1 if you would like the opportunity to resolve any issues that arise during the verification period. For additional information, please refer to the PTCAS Application Instructions: "Processing Your File."

We are not responsible for missed deadlines due to PTCAS Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) service or processing time.

Please contact PTCAS customer service 617-612-2040 if you have additional questions or need assistance.

Please contact the Graduate College for further instructions.


Due to personnel constraints the Department of Physical Therapy cannot check the status of applications.  Both PTCAS and the Graduate College offer the opportunity for the individual to check the status of their application.  Please use those tools in lieu of calling or emailing our office.  Thank you!