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Mission & Vision Statement


The vision of the Department of Physical Therapy is to be recognized in the region, state and nation as an outstanding physical therapist educational program with quality faculty members, staff and students.

reviewed 9/29/2020


The Department of Physical Therapy is a professional community of individuals who are committed to addressing the health needs of society through excellence in education, scholarship, service and professional practice. 

To accomplish this mission -

    • our community extends beyond the faculty, staff and students of the Department to include our colleagues and patients/clients;
    • our undergraduate and graduate educational activities are student centered and inclusive of professional values, standards and guidelines;
    • our scholarly activities contribute to the professional body of knowledge; our service activities are provided at all levels of the professional organization, the institution and community; and
    • our excellence in practice is demonstrated by serving as clinicians and consultants in the multicultural environment of Central Texas and beyond.
    •  Revised and approved May 2019.