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Start-up Funds

What are Start Up Funds?

Start-up funds are defined as funds that are committed to a faculty member at the point of hiring. The funds are provided at the discretion of the Provost to selected new faculty members to allow them to obtain necessary equipment and/or instrumentation, supplies, and other items required to initiate a competitive research/scholarly activity that will generate externally funded grants and/or contracts.

Start Up Fund Policy AA/PPS No. 03.01.10 (5.04)

How do I access my start up funds?

College of Health Professions Start Up Funds Process - Completed forms can be returned to your office administrative assistant for routing to the Chair/Director for review and approval. Please attach any supporting documentation for purchase to this form as appropriate.

Faculty member will be notified when your request is received and approved, denied or follow-up information is required.

Once approved, your office administrative assistant will process requests on your behalf. Purchases will be made via university processes and procedures.

If you are hiring student workers/research assistants with start-up funds through your department, please notify your office Administrative Assistant for tracking and reconciliation purposes.

Please allow ample time for routing and processing of requests. Routine purchases will be made within 10 business days from date of approval. Purchases of goods or services of $5,000 or more require additional processing time due to procurement and bid processes.

Please discuss any non-standard purchases with either your office administrative assistant or your Research Coordinator prior to contacting vendor. The university has purchasing policies and procedures that must be followed in advance on purchases such as equipment (items of $5,000 or more), computers/tablets/software, furnishings and contracted services. If in doubt, ask first.

Be mindful of time frames for use of start-up funds. Per University policy, start-up funds are made available to faculty within the first two years of hire and expire at the end of the second fiscal year on August 31st. Extensions for use of funds beyond the second year is at the discretion of the Provost with consultation from the Dean and are not automatically granted.

Thank you.